Our tour is more than just a pub crawl

Its a rolling pedal party on a 14 passenger bicycle, complete with a custom sound system
conveying you to only the best locations for the best beer on the market.

The Bay's Best Beer

Oakland is incredibly lucky to have some of the best breweries and pubs dispensing craft beer on the West Coast, and we want to share them with you! We have partnered with the best establishments in the Oakland area to make sure your entire experience is unforgettable.

Private Tours or Public Mixers

Book individual seats on our public tours and make new friends, or book the entire bike and fill up to 14 seats for your own exclusive party. The best part is, you are the engine of the party and craft beer is the fuel. This way you don't have to worry about putting on any extra pounds while enjoying yourself with old friends while making new ones.

Customized Event Tours

Have an idea for a private event? We would be happy to work with your particular needs! Birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, progressive dinners or whatever else you have in mind, we will strive to create a unique experience.

So, come prepared to...

  • Pedal...
  • Drink...
  • Pedal...
  • Drink...
  • Pedal...

Great Tours, Simple Prices

* Prices are subject to change

Ready to Book? We've made it super simple:

Book your Tour

Choose your preferred dates
and book your tour immediately

Sign your Waiver

Everyone that is going to be riding
must print and sign a waiver

Check your Email

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inbox if your booking was successful

That's it! Easy right? Go ahead, get started below...

Our pickup location is Independent Brewing Company, located at:

444 Harrison St, Oakland, CA 94607

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  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a pedal tour?

    Our pedal tours are conducted on a 14 passenger bicycle. You can book the entire bike and bring yourself plus up to 13 friends, or you can book individual seats. Each passenger needs to print and sign a Liability Waiver, and bring it with them to the tour. Then just climb on for a party while you tour the best craft beer taprooms and breweries in the Bay Area! The best part is, we drive, so all you have to do is pedal as we move along at approximately 5 mph.

  2. Where does the tour start?

    All public mixer tours pickup and drop off at Independent Brewing Company, at 444 Harrison St, Oakland, CA 94607. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your tour to check in, or arrive even earlier and have a pint with them before and after your tour! And don't forget your Waiver!

  3. What about custom tours?

    If you have an idea for a custom tour, whether it be for a corporate event, bachelor(ette) party, progressive dinner, family gathering, wedding, etc, just contact us. We'd love to be part of any event you have in mind. Even if they are outside of the Bay Area, contact us and we can discuss how to make it happen.

  4. Who can ride?

    For our craft beer tours, only passengers 21 and older are allowed. For custom tours and custom events, anybody with a waiver may ride. Passengers under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian and be accompanied.

  5. How long is each tour?

    The standard tour is about 2 hours, but may run a little longer depending on the circumstances. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in for the bike. Custom tours of any length can be booked by contacting us.

  6. Can I drink on the bike?

    Alcohol is not allowed on board. However, feel free to bring along any non-alcoholic beverages, as long as they are not in glass containers.

  7. Can I bring food, jackets, or other personal items on the bike?

    Feel free to eat on the bike. However, littering is unacceptable. If you drop food wrappers or other litter, please let us know so that we can stop the bike to pick it up. Jackets and other personal items can be stored on the bike while you go inside at each stop. We have storage for these items.

  8. Can we bring music?

    The bike is equipped with a sound system. Feel free to bring music on your phone and we can plug it in. Otherwise we will play our playlist.

  9. Are helmets or seatbelts required?

    All seats are equipped with a seatbelt and backrest. Seatbelts and helmets are recommended but not required.

  10. Any special rules?

    Inappropriate behaviour is not allowed. It will result in an immediate end to your tour, and fee of $200, and no refund will be given for the time lost in your tour. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include: rude or vulgar shouting at passersby, vomiting on the bike, excessive intoxication deemed a danger to yourself or others. Basically, if it would get you kicked out of a brewery, it is inappropriate.

  11. What should I wear on the bike?

    Oakland has a generally pleasant climate all year. However, nights can get cool. Keep in mind that you will be outdoors while pedaling between stops and bring a jacket or pants if desired. You should wear shoes that you would be comfortable wearing on a bike while pedaling, so stilettos probably won't work.